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Big Ev Angler - Baits on a Budget


How to make your own lures and follow your passion!
Here are just a few of the topics we'll cover in this episode...
Why would someone be soooooo passionate about fishing? 
How do you catch “The Elusive Fish” (cue the dramatic music.)
How the cagey Trout adapt to the environment.
Still, sparkling or moving? How do you like your water? Even more important, what do your fish like?
Learn new fish geek terms like “Modgepodge” and “Turd Trout”.
Build fishing lures on a budget... and DON'T throw away that pen top! It can be alluring to your prey. (You see what I did there... a-lure-ing... never mind.)
Why is BigEv’s favorite lure the Silver Single Bladed Spinner and the Double Jointed Dual Spinner? You want to catch a lot of fish, right?

Film credit and thanks to Fellow angler, Bobby Moran!

Music for Big Ev Angler by Scott Van Zen. All rights reserved.

Links from today's episode:
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Panther Martin 2PMR-G Regulars Gold, 1/16 oz

Rooster Bait Tail Spinner Fishing Lures

Mepps Dressed Lure Assortment Trouter Kit, Multicolor

Shimano SLX 150, Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

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