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Born in Jamaica and raised in Connecticut with her five siblings, Nova Lorraine is an award-winning fashion designer, brand advisor, and founder of the premier platform for the creative entrepreneur, Raine magazine. Nova’s debut fashion collection earned her Best Haute Couture Designer of the Year, and her designs have been featured on The View and in Essence and Vogue Italia magazines. She’s a poet and storyteller at heart and has found success in her award-nominated podcast, Unleash Your SuperNova. Nova spends her free time guest lecturing at several universities and serving on advisory boards for the US Green Chamber of Commerce Fashion Team and the Pan African Chamber of Commerce. Her newest entrepreneurial pursuits include the launch of the Pink Kangaru Podcast Network for “wild thinkers” and the Raine School of Fashion, focusing on innovation and sustainability.

Nova earned a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychological and fashion design degree from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. Due to her unique and challenging entrepreneurial journey, Nova launched Raine Magazine in 2007 to inspire others to "Never Give Up on Their Dreams."

She has interviewed some of the world’s most interesting entrepreneurs, socialites, and cultural innovators, such as Mark Cuban, Nicky Hilton and Daymond John, to guide rising entrepreneurs during their first critical years of launching and running a business. Nova is an active mom of four athletes and is trained in teaching mindfulness.

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